FAQs - General

1. Who is Ceear Realty?

Ceear Realty is a Mumbai based real estate development and development management organization. It is a young and progressive organization with a professional and transparent approach.

2. What is the lineage of Ceear Realty?

Ceear Realty is founded and spearheaded by Cherag Ramakrishnan, a real estate veteran with over 23 years of experience. He had earlier set up Equinox Realty, the realty arm of the multi-billion dollar conglomerate – Essar Group. He built a 16 million Sq.Ft. portfolio under the Equinox brand, spanning multiple asset classes and led a team of over 150 professionals.

3. What is the development portfolio of the Ceear Realty?

The current development portfolio of Ceear Realty comprises of The Hamlet – a luxury lakefront development at Sadashiv Nagar in Bangalore, The Big Tree – An upcoming residential development at Jayanagar in Bangalore and Vesta Villas – A luxury villa development in Alibaug, 20 minutes away from Mumbai.

In addition, Ceear Realty is actively looking at expanding its portfolio with new projects in the pipeline in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore regions.

4. What is the business model of Ceear Realty?

Ceear Realty was conceptualized to address a gap in the real estate industry. It aims to be a solution provider for total development management delivering high quality, timely projects for asset owners and investors therefore giving capital a clear path for entry and eventual exit.

The model that Ceear Realty plans to pursue is widely followed in other counties where two or more investors pool in their funds and give the operations to a developer. This model works well as lots of companies have the available funds to invest, but lack the intent and expertise in managing large scale projects and there are developers who have expertise but require funds for project completion. Hence, this model creates a win-win situation for developers and buyers.

5. Where are Ceear Realty’s offices located?

Ceear Realty is headquartered in Mumbai. Its branch office is located in Bangalore.

6. Are any of Ceear Realty’s projects green or eco-friendly?

Ceear Realty is committed to the green cause and eco-friendly developments. All its projects endeavour to be featuring eco-friendly elements and the required certifications as and when get qualified.

7. What kind of team does Ceear Realty have?

Key focus areas of design, liaison, legal and sales are managed by a highly experienced and a professional team with cross functional expertise.